7 Tips for Beginner Photographers

The word ‘photography’ has Latin origin. It is basically a combination of two words; one word is ‘photo’ and other word is ‘graphy’. Photo means light, and we more or less know this fact. ‘Graphy’ means drawing something. So, in combination of these two words, photography stands for painting or drawing with lights. So, going by this definition of photography, it has to be said that photography is an art – a matter of creativity. Today, photography has gone to massive high due to implementation or integration of technology. Introduction of modern DSLR camera is definitely a major leap of photography industry.


Photography is a good but unusual career option these days. Young people having passion for art often join this field to win appreciations. If you have passion and creative mind, you can definitely join the field of photography. However, as a beginner you would find a lot of hurdles. Those, who cross the hurdles successfully, find themselves as established photographers.  So, in order to aid beginner, here in this article let us check out some unique as well as effective photography tips.

  1. Learn Holding the Camera

Photography basics start right from leaning holding the camera. This is the primary knowledge that you should gather as a novice photographer. Failing in holding camera properly will lead to a lot of glitches in future. You would find your photographs are not up to the mark, as you have technical problem with holding your camera. Moreover, learning to hold camera properly is important right from the novice stage. If your technique is wrong at the beginning, you would find it quite difficult to rectify in later stage.

  1. Understand Camera Modes

Most of us get impatient after buying a new camera. We never care to read manuals and start shooting photographs around us. To capture better photos, you need to know your camera nicely. Experimenting with different camera modes is also important for clicking good photos. So, take time to read camera manual carefully – understand the essence of different photography modes.

  1. Know Your Light Source

As photography is an art to play with lights, you should have clear conception about shooting in different light conditions. To make your subject clearly visible as well as vibrant, you should understand positioning of lights. Backlighting makes the subject darker, while front lighting makes the subject crystal clear visible.


  1. Understand Framing

The biggest part of photography is how you see a subject or a frame. Good framing makes amazing photographs, while bad framing leads to poor photographs. For better framing a few rules are there. For example, ‘rule of third’ is tone of the popular rules in photography for framing.

  1. Understand Manual and Auto Focus

When you buy a digital-SLR camera, you should know that two types of focusing options are there. One is manual focusing and other one is auto focusing. Manual focusing is suitable in low light photography, while auto focusing is good for daylight photography. When you choose to capture a moving object, using auto focus mode is always advised.

  1. Photography Accessories

Along with learning photography basics, it is also important to learn about different photography accessories. You should know about different types of lenses and their uses. You should know about tripod and essence of using it. Knowing lens filters is also important.

  1. ISO and White Balance

While shooting photographs, two important things have to be noted with precision. These two factors are ISO and white balance. Proper hold on these two parameters can provide you excellent final outputs. Hence, you must know about different white balance modes and ISO levels.

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