Best DSLR Cameras 2016

Photography is a passion for many of us, though some people have chosen to take their passion to another level by adopting it as profession. Professional photographers should have a good camera, as without a good device it is not possible to do justice to your creativity. You need an updated DSLR device that gives you more freedom to play with colors, frames and shooting objects. Whether you are a passionate photographer or a professional photographer, you can take your creativity to a new high via a better camera. In this article, let us find the best DSLR cameras that you can have for the year of 2016:

Best DSLR Cameras 2016

It has to be said that 2016 is going to be an exciting year for the photography lovers. Some of the new DLSR cameras from reputed manufacturers will be launched soon. Some of them have already been launched, while others are in the queue. Now, it is the time to check the list of the best cameras below:

  1. Nikon D3300

Though released in the year of 2015, this camera is still a major hit in the marketplace at the first quarter of 2016. In future, it is expected to do well exceptionally, as this camera has been noted as one of the best entry level DSLRs. Nikon is always a trusted manufacturer for DSLR cameras. It features different ranges of cameras for different targeted group of buyers. if you are looking for a DSLR at the cheapest price with basic features, then Nikon D3300 is a perfect option. D3300 of Nikon is basically the successor of Nikon D3200.

Nikon D3300

It has to be reminded that this camera is suitable for the new DSLR users. If you are operating DSLR for the first time, you will find this device to be extremely comfortable to be used. Some of the major highlights of this device are:

  • Guide Mode: For novice DSLR users, Nikon has introduced interactive ‘guide mode’. This will help to generate the types of photographs that you want, by giving your preview guides.
  • Improved ISO: The major concern with Nikon D 3000, 3100 and 3200 models was the ISO. Due to low ISO, it was difficult to shoot at night with those cameras. This drawback has been eliminated with D3300 model.
  • Increased Mega Pixels: Enhanced mega pixels of this camera will help to produce more vibrant, crisp and sharp images.
  1. Canon EOS 1200D

After Nikon, here we are with a product from its rival Canon. Cannon and Nikon both are trusted brands for manufacturing DSLR cameras. Anon EOS 1200D is another entry level camera, which has been launched to market by Canon to counter with Nikon’s D3300. Well, Canon EOS 1200D has many things positive, and it starts right from the look of this device.

Canon EOS 1200D

This camera looks classy and sophisticated. It has an exceptionally good ISO level, and further it is good in terms of color calibration. For luring buyers, it comes with 2 set of lens. One portrait lens and another one is zoom lens. You also have the option to buy only body, if you wish.

  1. Canon EOS 70D

Not an entry level camera, but if a professional device is your requirement, then consider Canon EOS 70D. This device is considered as a mid range DSLR camera, which is suitable for professional photography. 3.2 inch tilt angle LCD is a major highlight of this camera.

Canon EOS 70D

For better photography, especially for macro photography, it comes with 19 point AF through viewfinder. ISO is also good and suitable for excellent night or low light photography.

  1. Nikon D810

If you are searching for the best high resolution DSLR, then this product from Nikon is perfectly suitable to your needs. Nikon D810 can produce color enriched high resolution images without any glitches. Sharp and crisp images can be expected from this camera. Featuring 36.3 MP high resolution, this camera produces exceptional quality images.

Nikon D810

The basic starter kit includes standardized 18-55 MM lens by Nikon. High ISO also gives excellent noise control and nightlife shooting experience. Overall, this camera is a complete package for the professional photographers.

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