Coronavirus Dos and Don’ts for Photographers

Coronavirus Dos and Don’ts for Photographers

Covid-19 has left the whole world in shock and awe. The global population is experiencing difficulty in comprehending and implementing preventive measures. The main culprit behind this is the plethora of useless information that has seeped in the mind of the public. It is a life-threatening disease and chances of contracting it are alarmingly high. Every little step taken to curb it’s spread has been marred by the people’s action which directly or indirectly has bolstered its escalation into the households.

Since the COVID-19 announcement, people have been experiencing mass hysteria about its existence and threats. W.H.O is conducting regular briefings and press releases to educate the masses about this convoluted disease and it’s simple but effective precautions. Some of the do’s and don’ts which are suggested for the photography evangelists are listed below-


Clean yourself – Coronavirus has compelled even the professional with questionable hygiene to bathe and clean themselves regularly after arriving at their loft. Timely use of hand sanitizer is advised to keep your palms devoid of germs. Trimmed nails do not allow germ accumulation under the fingernails. A bath is recommended after reaching your residence to clean your body. Invest in a good respirator and do not touch its outer surface. It will last longer but will require timely replacement after prolonged usage.

Covid Dos and Dont for Photographers

Establish social distancing – COVID-19 is very harsh on the social aspect of relationships. Photographers have to maintain a good rapport with their clients to keep them anchored to their services. The profession requires photographers to be close to the object to capture admissible shots. In the post-COVID-19 scenario, they should establish a stern social distancing regime. The client’s screening should be done before allowing them to enter the premises.

Establish social distancing

Every precautionary measure gets you one step further from the virus. The clients should undergo temperature checks before entering the shoot location. The photographers mustn’t avoid their clientele and cater to them by following the above-mentioned steps. The idea is to establish a physical distance rather than an interpersonal one.

Sanitize your equipment – It’s very tiring to protect the gear from touching surfaces with questionable hygiene. No matter how sanitized the room is after the crew enters, few allergens might seep onto the objects. The camera gear is heavy and has to be laid out and well-fitted before use. It cannot be covered with plastic covering as it would tarnish the quality of the shots. The idea of cleaning your gear before using it again might seem a fatiguing endeavor after a long session.

Search the marketplace (online and offline) appropriate cleaning liquids that don’t harm the lens coating in the long run. Don’t lather the camera gear with the sanitization liquid, use it judiciously.

Scouting proper Locations – Photography as a profession is tiring in nature. Amid the pandemic, the professional should be vigilant about choosing a location that doesn’t lie in the containment zones. It is advisable to postpone crowded location shoots and replace them with indoor ones’ if possible. The pandemic has hit the industry hard but precautions never go in vain. Hygenic locations should be a top priority and should 

Invest in preventive gear – The Coronavirus has flooded the markets with sanitization equipment that adds to the expenditure. But to stay in the race longer, you have to have the protective equipment that includes surface and hand sanitizers, reliable face masks, and shields in conjunction with splash-proof coveralls. Do not cram inexpensive and poor options 

Boost your immunity – The professional whose jobs require them to daily step out should focus on boosting their immunity. This includes a light, nutrient centric diet that fuels the body for a longer time. Cut out the junk from your diet and induce fruits and meat products that fulfill your micro-nutrient requirements. Vitamin supplements are a good option if you are not a big fan of consuming a copious amount of food.

Boost your immunity


Avoid sharing the gear – In a top-notch shooting location, a bunch of professionals is required to complete a project. This can lead to the crew sharing the camera among each other and open a clean path for germ transmission.

Digital Photography Ninja

This has been an unnoticed loophole in the photography industry for a while now. The prospect might induce longer prepping sessions and increase the investment of professionals for purchasing gear.

Don’t Cold-shoulder clients – The pandemic is a tumultuous time for already committed projects that haven’t reached fruition. The certainty of the time frame is unknown due to the imposed movement restriction and the danger of contracting the disease. Professionals are advised to not cut-off the communication with their clientele and inform them about plans regarding the project completion.

Don’t Stress – The state of unemployment has ceased the career growth of many competent professionals, who would have otherwise climbed up the spectrum. The professionals are advised to pacify themselves and be in constant contact with family and reliable peers. Giving -up is not an option and even the sheer thought of it can induce stress. Practice your craft and indulge in light mediation to release anxiety from your body.

Don't Stress

Don’t strain your budget – The pandemic isn’t the appropriate time for frivolous spending on enticing equipment. Avoid buying exorbitantly priced gear due to delayed shipments. Make do with the things you have and do not overburden your budget. Buy or seek repair for your damaged equipment, only if you possess the capital. The shrinking number of gigs available among coronavirus does not require overkill gear and impulsive buying.


The pandemic is here to trouble us for a long time. But the industry will not cease its operations completely because there are a lot of mouths to feed. The photography genre is suffering gravely like any other art form and needs a rigid approach to counter the problem. Professionals employed under an agency should demand protective gear with sternness. 

Indulge in safety practices and do not mock those who do it. The prevention will yield better work propositions and motivate artists to take up newer projects.

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