DSLR Camera Focusing Tips for Beginners

Photography is an art, which needs to be mastered if you want serious appreciations for your snaps. To master certain photography skills, you need to know your device well. Handing digital camera properly is the key for becoming successful with your passion for photography. To snap crisp and sharp images, you need to learn the art of focusing objects. In digital-SLR camera you would generally find two kinds of focusing options. One is manual focusing while other one is auto focusing. Both the focusing modes can be used in different scenarios. Using them properly can truly enhance your photographic skills, and your images would get massive appreciations by experts.

So, in order to help the budding photographers, here are some tips for those, who want to learn DSLR camera focusing in a better manner. Thus, check out the following points to enhance your skills with DSLR cameras:


  1. Move Close to the Object

As much as you move closer to the object, you would find that focusing is getting better. This is important, especially when you are shooting small objects. If there is no option for moving closer to the object, you can simply opt for a lens that offers higher zooming option. For portrait shooting, the same logic is applicable. You need to move as closer to the object as you can. Moving closer and focusing on the object will give you more detailing and your photos will become crisper as well as vibrant.

  1. Focusing on Low Light

Focusing on low light is a critical thing. Many novice photographers find that it is quite hard to focus on the object on low light condition. Nevertheless, even if you focus it correctly, you would find that your photo is not crisp as you wanted it to be. In low light condition, we generally work with low shutter speed, and that is probably the reason that you do not get crisp or sharp images. So, you need to enhance ISO level first to omit such issues. Now, for better focusing you can use flash light of your camera. Though, many people hate to use the flash gun, as they do not find their photo interesting with flash mode on. For good focusing, you need practices, if you are not using flash gun in low light. Click as many as possible in low light condition to get better images.


  1. Understanding Manual Focus

All DSLR lenses come with two kinds of focusing mode; one is manual mode and the other one is auto mode. Both of them are good, but they are used for different purposes by professional photographers. You should use manual focus for non moving objects. Manual focusing needs precision, and that comes with a lot of practices. Hence, click more to master manual focusing mode.

  1. Auto Focusing

Novices as well as professional photographers hardly use manual focus, as auto focus is that safest way of clicking photos. Auto focusing can be two types; single auto focus mode and multiple auto focusing. When you are focusing on a single object, use single auto focusing. When more than one object is needed to be shot, always use multiple focusing mode for better results. Also, using auto focusing is an obvious recommendation for clicking moving objects or birds.

  1. Lock Focus and then Create Frames

With half click on the camera button, you need to lock focus on the particular object that you want to shot. When focus is locked, you job is creating the right frame. Make a nice frame and then press full click on camera button. This is one of the basic rules of shooting with DSLR cameras, and it helps in better focusing on the photography subject.

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