How Should I Clean My DSLR’s Lens?

So you have a DSLR camera, and you just love snapping the things around. Whether you are a professional photographer or a novice as well as passionate photographer, you need to keep your DSLR camera at the ‘state of the art’ form. DSLR cameras are expensive and thus you need to be careful with their maintenance on regular basis. As you use your camera frequently, you will find small dust particles over the lenses and sometimes fingerprints of your own. To keep the clarity of the images, it is important to clean the lenses frequently. However, this job is not as easy as we think. In this article, let us a find a guide on cleaning DSLR lenses.

How to Clean DSLR's Lens

The basic problem with cleaning DSLR lens is that many of us lack enough confidence for doing this job. As the device is expensive and delicate, it needs to be handled with care as well as precision. Mishandling can cause expensive losses, and thus we get shaky with the job of cleaning DSLR lenses. When you do not find confidence in a particular thing, always considered that you lack wisdom or knowledge in that matter. Gaining knowledge on the process of cleaning DSLR lens would definitely help you to do the job with perfection, and with confidence.

Cleaning Tips for DSLR Camera Lenses

Before we discuss cleaning DSLR camera lens, it is to be notified that you do not require cleaning lenses on daily basis. Once in a month or even lesser frequently would be just fine. Too much fuss on cleaning camera lens does more damage than good. Now, let us move on to the tips for maintaining DSLR camera lenses:

  1. Use UV Filter

Prevention is better than cure! Preventing lens from acquiring dusts or fingerprint smudges is always a good idea. For this, you can simply use an UV filter for guarding lens. Using UV filter would not cause any changes to your photographic results; they just act as protector for your lens glass. It blocks dust particles and prevent the screen from fingerprints. When you opt for cleaning, you just need to clean the UV filter – no need to touch the front glass of lens. So, even if you are novice, you would not cause any damages to your camera lens. The best thing is that buying UV filter would not cost high. You can manage to find a cheap UV filter for your lens, if you have a tight budget.

  1. Use Lens Cleaning Liquid

To clean lens glass, you need to use the liquid for lens cleaning. You would get such products from marketplace. This fluid is basically alcohol based fluid, especially made for cleaning glasses of camera lenses. Do not pour too much fluid; just a few drops would be enough for one time cleaning. Always use a dropper to pour fluid in order to prevent excessive influx.

Clean your DSLR Lens

  1. Use Cleaning Tissues

To apply lens cleaning liquid, you need lens cleaning tissues additionally. You will get them from the same store from where you buy lens cleaning liquid. Using lens cleaning tissues is important as they will save your lens from any scratches. Additionally, they will help to soak the liquid nicely, keeping your lens glass pat dry.

  1. Lens Cleaning Cloths

For regular cleaning of dust or fingerprints from the lens glasses, you need lens cleaning cloths. These are soft small pieces of cloths that do not cause any damages or scratches to delicate glasses of lenses.

  1. Blower

In case if you have spotted something inside the lens or camera censor area, then instead of using clothes, the safer option is opting for blowers. With blower, simply blow away small dust particles without touching delicate parts of your camera.

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