How to Hold DSLR Camera?

So, you have bought a digital-SLR camera from market, and now you want to click some spectacular picture. Well, at this point, it should be reminded that having a DSLR camera would not make you a good photographer. You need precision and deep insight on your device. Nevertheless, you need to learn certain basics of photography with perfection. Learning the basics will make you the finest photographer and your photos will be appreciated by viewers. Learning photography basics starts right from learning the basics of holding a DSLR camera. DSLR cameras are different from point and shoot cameras. Thus, holding the camera is important here, if you want to capture world class photographs.


When you do not hold your camera right and tight, you are bound to experience shake on your final image. Subtle blurring due to shake or improper camera holding technique damages sharpness of the image, and spoils your good works. So, you need to be really careful about holding the camera in the right manner. For that, you can check the guide that has been provided in the following section:

  • Using the Right Grip on Right Hand: You right hand on camera is shooting hand, and thus you need the right grip on your shooting hand. For right handed people, gripping camera is easy. For left hander people, it could be a little difficult. However, practice makes everything perfect. So, keep trying shooting photographs by using strong grip on the camera with the right hand. Strong grip does not mean you need to put pressure of camera’s body. The grip should be firm, fingers should be placed as per the hinges are created on camera.
  •  Left hand Positioning: Like right hand positioning, left hand positioning on camera is equally important as well as crucial for clicking good images. Left hand should give a firm base to the camera. No need to hold the camera tight with left arm – just place is under lens firmly to provide a secured base. If left hand positioning is not perfect, your images will turn hazy or blurred due to shake.
  • Shoot with View Finder: It is always a better and professional habit to shoot with camera through viewfinder. As technology has evolved, we can nowadays find digital-SLR cameras that offer LCD mode viewing. Well, using LCD mode is not wrong, but orthodox way seems more effective and decent. The orthodox style of using camera’s viewfinder will give you more stability in terms of crispness or sharpness of images.                           how-to-hold-dslr-camera
  • Knee down Shooting: For better framing or perspective, we try knee down shooting in various cases. This is definitely an effective way of shooting, but you need to careful, with holding your camera. While down on the knees, you should make your body stable first. When your body has stability, you should start shooting pictures or photographs. This will help reducing possible chances of blurriness due to shake.
  • Hold with Love: Photography is a passion, and to become a good photographer you need to have that passion inside. So, hold your camera tight but with love and affection.

One Final Tip

Apart from all these things, we shall give you a bonus tip for holding the camera properly. Before you start shooting, just take a deep breath so that you do not have to do breathing while pressing the shutter button. Breathing holding shutter button will cause shakes. This will damage the sharpness of your photographs, giving you poor results. So, always make sure that you breathe in first, and then use the camera to shoot. This is a simple thing, which can easily be achieved with regular practices.

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