The ultimate guide for wedding photographers dealing with the Coronavirus crisis

wedding photographers dealing with the Coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus, when introduced a few months back, inflicted a long term hiatus on the wedding prospects for couples all around the globe. The government has imposed stern restrictions that obstruct the natural course of a typical wedding affair. In the initial phase, weddings, like every other social gathering, was banned until further notice. But with the extended and somewhat ineffective lockdown programs, couples across the globe are getting impatient and uneasy.

The government has taken cognizance of this problem and eased -up the restrictions, even though a little bit, and has advised couples to orchestrate secluded weddings. A gathering limit is imposed on the marriage events, with an appropriate cap limit for different states. Still, the wedding photographers, have to be involved in the occasions that are mushrooming amid the lockdown. They may face difficulty in adhering to the ever-stable regulations and panic that is associated with every wedding event. We’ve curated a step by step guide to making your job a little less complex than it already is.

Analyze Your Calendar

The six-month hiatus has delayed and postponed every possible event. But that does not mean you ignore your existing clientele that has submitted advanced payments in place of bookings. Take time to pin-point the schedule of your clients and contact them promptly. Inquire about their thought on the current situation and their plans, if any, about going through with the wedding.

Assure your clients about the fruition of their deal as soon as a window of opportunity opens up. If they are willing to hold the ceremony soon, be complacent with them, and assure your participation.

Revamp your Portfolio

The ultimate guide for wedding photographers dealing with the Coronavirus crisis

The wedding events are picking up pace after a huge gap, and the couples are scouting every possible professional that is competent enough to capture the memories. Take time to build up a robust portfolio that projects your dexterity in the craft. The portfolio should contain all the events that you’ve covered in the past with minute attention and mention of every event. Register on photography (freelancing) sites that can bring you one step closer to your next clientele with ease.

Improve your Craft

The six-month-long hiatus is ample time to groom and polish your skills. Nobody is questioning your skills, but it is advisable to be informed about the in-vogue trends related to wedding photography. Follow the blogs and journals of fellow photographers that are working amid the coronavirus and learn about their experiences. It is better to be armed with the knowledge that will help you to protect yourself in an unrehearsed environment.

Establish your online presence

The ultimate guide for wedding photographers dealing with the Coronavirus crisis

Most of the soon to be married couples do not visit freelancing sites. The entire population is on social media and you can channel that into inviting clients and providing them your services. The sheer amount of attention that you will get on social platforms is overwhelming. Create posts about wedding topics and stress on its importance. Try to subtly place your services in the posts to spread the word about your availability for such events.

Exploit your connections 

This is not the time to be shy and reluctant to ask for work. Send out requests to your peers about the active and forthcoming gigs that you can be a part of. Stop being choosy amid the coronavirus and accepts gigs that pay slightly less than what your rates used to be. Value the work availability and be flexible in terms of the pricing of your services. Offer lucrative programs and discounts that are inviting to future customers.

Enquire about the venue

The ultimate guide for wedding photographers dealing with the Coronavirus crisis

Before accepting any incoming offer, inquire about its location and the zone in which it lies. Ask the couples about the safety standards and protocols that will be followed throughout the procession. Demand rigid safety measures implemented to minimize the chance of contracting the disease and educate the client about its necessity. Urge the client to change the venue or introduce competent safety practices and reduce the number of participants. 

Buy safety gear

Don’t rely on the client for providing safety equipment after reaching the venue. Be vigilant of the rising number of cases and invest in safety gear that is imperative in a social gathering like a wedding. If you lack the funds to purchase such equipment, ask your client to pay for it, or make it available beforehand. It is a humanitarian gesture to aid those who are unable to fend for themselves.

The ultimate guide for wedding photographers dealing with the Coronavirus crisis

You hold every right to be safe, and it is the duty of the client to either aid or reimburse you for the damage to your pocket in buying additional safety gear.

Maintain social distancing

Establish a set of rules for yourself when you participate in an event. The rules must be rigid and adhered to, at all times. Don’t rely on the public for your safety. Maintain social distancing from the clients. Try to patiently hear out the request from the wedding participants and fulfill those which can be done. Don’t entertain people who want to peek in the camera after every shot. It is your responsibility to guide the audience and capture the beautiful moments of such an auspicious occasion with caution.

The ultimate guide for wedding photographers dealing with the Coronavirus crisis

Protect your gear from falling into the hands of other professionals or participants who might try their hands on raw photography. Clean your gear profusely after each event and let it lie there for three days in a secluded environment.

Stop unnecessary spending

The ultimate guide for wedding photographers dealing with the Coronavirus crisis

In the tumultuous times of coronavirus, money is hard to come by. Be frugal while shopping for anything other than essentials and avoid making any heavy purchases. Make use of the gear you own and don’t run after the new releases. Buy only essential things for your craft, only of the pocket permits you to. 


The coronavirus is a testing time for the unorganized and private sector. The professionals are advised to garner peace and tranquility in their lives and look ahead rather than dwelling in the past. Please follow the above-mentioned practices to have good work experience among coronavirus.

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