Tips for Selling Your Camera Gear Fast

Cameras are by no means a minuscule purchase. The camera, even without extra peripherals costs a huge amount of investments, especially if you are a beginner. The sheer price of a piece if enough to sweep you off your feet and make you reconsider your purchase. But after you have crossed the threshold and purchased the piece, you use it extensively in your future gigs. 

Tips for Selling Your Camera Gear Fast

The gear seems to get old after some time and may compel you to think about a replacement. The replacement process is easy only if you are able to shed off the excess weight easily. By excess weight, we mean the camera and its equipment that is no longer of use to your current professional needs. Here are a few Tips for Selling Your Camera Gear Fast-

Scrounge up all your gear

Tips for Selling Your Camera Gear Fast

The camera gear you want to sell should be properly listed on a piece of paper. Collect all your camera gear and spread out all the gear on a table. Properly list all the gear and its quirks in a doc file. Print out some creative pamphlets or design some e-pamphlet for sharing on the details about the gear. Don’t shy away from pointing out the features and accessibility attributes of your gear.

Save the boxes

Tips for Selling Your Camera Gear Fast

Do you get too amped up when unraveling your purchases? Refrain from that ideology in the future. Keep all your packaging of the camera and its peripherals in near-mint condition. The gear that has its original packaging and receipts of sales and warranty cards is bound to attract more customers towards your itinerary. The gear with all the warranty papers and receipt of sale adds a credibility attribute towards it. Keeping it in good condition will only reward in later years.

Don’t false advertise

Tips for Selling Your Camera Gear Fast

Going overboard with the advertising is one thing but never falsely advertise your gear. The false advertising can only lure in more seekers for the gear. It will not multiply the selling chances of your gear. Once somebody takes you for manipulation, it will only degrade the sale value of your product. It not okay to hide the condition of your gear, especially camera and lenses. The accurate description will limit the number of useless people that display interest in the items you are trying to sell.

Be nice to your gear

If you are thinking of ever selling your gear in the near future, treat it nicely. That means no bumping, sliding, and irregular placement in the bag. Oversharing is a strict no if you are bound to resell it in the near future. Be benevolent, but don’t ever lend your precious gear to a clumsy person. Say bye-bye to future resale if you are a lackey that doesn’t care for its cameras. 

Tips for Selling Your Camera Gear Fast

Try to be cautious while using it and never peel off the outer covering, if the device ships with any. Use a screen protector for your camera and avoid any direct scratches to your filter and lenses.

Strip off all the excess investments

Tips for Selling Your Camera Gear Fast

It is advisable to check the camera for any additional SD cards, external straps, and other additions that you have made to the camera or the lenses. The SD card must be taken out because no photographer ever, has an excess of storage space. Even if you have to sell the camera with the SD card included, format it to prevent the sharing of personal information.

Calculate its worth

It is in human nature to falter while making decisions. The gear that you have bought in yesteryears can be of lower or higher value now (although my best bet is on lower value unless it’s an antique piece). The photographers lose track of the current resale value. Don’t make a rash decision and properly research the current value of your device. 

Tips for Selling Your Camera Gear Fast

Ask among your peers about the current value of your components. It is the best way to gather information before arriving on a prompt and loss inducing decision. The peers will never advise wrong and will also make your listing process a lot less cumbersome.

Curate an alluring profile

You, being a photographer, know the art of making the pictures speak for themselves. Think of some interesting settings to take pictures of the gear you want to sell. Take a ton of pictures from every possible angle and sort the best ones out. You can take inspiration from other sellers online and mimic what they are doing in order to boost sales of their product.

Tips for Selling Your Camera Gear Fast

The profile that you build for the camera and its gear should outshine the product in a good light. By good light, I mean in a positive tone that guarantees its worth. Put some effort into it as you do with your regular gigs. The better the profile, the greater are the chance of attracting legitimate buyers.

Hop onto an online portal 

Word to mouth is a thing of the past. Now most of the selling, and reselling is done online all thanks to platforms such as eBay, using which you can easily sell your product. eBay has a ton of ways to identify regular accounts and provides a convenient way of finding buyers without budging an inch from your couch. 

Tips for Selling Your Camera Gear Fast

Another feasible way is Craigslist that is used for almost all trading and searching jobs on it. Craigslist will get you buyers but the payout might be very less than what you may be expecting out of the sale. It also is notorious for attracting fraudsters and scammers so move on to that with your own risk. 


Too afraid of selling on the forums. Visit your nearest camera store or pawnshop to sell your gear. For starters, you can get the actual value of the items without any extra hassle. Do bear in mind that if you sell to the above-mentioned establishments the payout will shrink significantly. So choose what you want. If you can bear the risk sell on online forums or move onto the stores to sell your gear.

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