Tips to Avoid Dirty Image Sensors

For good photography, you need a good camera. Those, who want to take photography seriously, should look for buying a digital-SLR camera. Today, different types of versions of digital cameras are available in the marketplace. You can even manage to find a good DSLR, even if you have a low budget. After buying DSLR, all of us jump into learning certain features as well as options of DSLR cameras. Well, this is good, but at the same time you also need to learn about taking care of your camera. It is important to keep the device in the state of the art form so that it can serve you on long term without any glitches.

Tips to Avoid Dirty Image Sensors

Cleaning a DSLR Camera

When it comes to DSLR cleaning, two are parts of the camera are considered as most crucial. The first part is image sensor area, and the second part is camera lens. Camera lens cleaning process is comparatively easier than cleaning DSLR sensor. Basically, sensor is the most delicate part of a camera. Any kind of damage to it would cost you heavily. So, you always have to be careful with image sensor cleaning of your DSLR camera. In the following section of this article, let us check out some tips for avoiding dirty image sensor.

Why is it Essential to Avoid Dirty Image Sensor?

Image sensor is a delicate part of DSLR camera. This is why cleaning dusts from this part needs precision and expertise. A small mistake can cost you heavily. In fact, camera owners are advised not to clean image sensor on regular basis. Rather than cleaning image sensor, one should focus on not making this part dirty. With a few careful measures, you can avoid dusts on camera image sensor. The idea is promoting the concept of “prevention is better than cure”.

So, here in the following section, let us find the tips and techniques to keep DSLR camera sensors clean, avoiding dusts.

  1. Be Careful on Changing Lenses

When you intend to change lens of your DSLR camera, you actually make sensor part exposed. This is why for changing lenses, you need to judge the environment rightly. If the environment is too duty, then it is always better to think about changing lens later. Also before changing lens, you should clean the lens properly. New lens should be dust free so that it cannot cause damage to the image sensor.


  1. Turn Camera Off before Changing Lens

In most of the cases, it has been found that DSLR camera sensor has acquired dust, while changing lenses. During changing lenses, we lack care or vigilance. Our negligence causes accumulation of dusts on camera image sensor. One of the biggest examples of negligence is changing lens while keeping camera on. When you keep camera on, free electron will be there on the image censor area. Negatively charged electrons often attract small or tiny dust particles. So, you need to be careful about it.

  1. Cleaning with Blower

For cleaning image sensor, you need a blower. This is actually the safest tool for cleaning the most delicate part of digital-SLR camera. Using cloths or other kinds of tools for cleaning image sensor is highly discouraged by experts.

  1. Keep Your Camera Upside Down

Apply common sense – is not it quite impossible to fall dust on your camera when you keep it upside down? So, when you are not using your camera, always keep it upside down so that nu dust particles can enter image sensor region and cause any problems.

For image sensor cleaning, you can also opt for professional cleaning services. Find a veteran and reliable service provider through, instead of believing in non-competent services.

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